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Thanks to my dear friend and guitar guru Michael Devito for leading and encouraging me in putting together a heavenly instrument, pictured above. Alder chambered body is light and resonant. Lovely rosewood/maple neck from Warmoth, compound 9-16 feels great to … Continue reading

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Blueberry Corn Muffins

Sometimes, that is enough. Great corn meal from an upstate farm, wild frozen blueberries, a bit of Amaranth flour and wheat germ, almond milk and a greenmarket egg. Molasses. Non-aluminum baking powder, salt, some white flour and a bit of … Continue reading

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The truth about bread

It’s really good when you make it yourself, from wild yeasts, and let it go for 24 hours of slow fermentation. It feels different, tastes, different, is different. And I love lots of raisins in it. I got the chance … Continue reading

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Best part of Thanksgiving

Breakfast hash this next morning… I know the egg is gratuitous, but it was irresistible. I’m embarrassed to list all the things down under there, including quinoa, breakfast sausage, turkey, corn relish, cheddar cheese, sweet potato, stuffing, and fried up … Continue reading

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