Milling your own flour to bake your own bread (Daniel the Little Red Hen?)

Best birthday present I’ve had in a long time: Hillary gave me a grain mill attachment for our Kitchen Aid mixer, and a few bags of white wheat berries, spelt, and other grains from Four Star Farms in Northfield, Mass.

So I finally got it going and milled some flour for this weekend’s bread, which was a blast. Watching the grains go in and the powdery snow come out is fantastic, and only makes me worry that now I want to try growing the wheat…

Here’s the bread:


Delicious, but I should have given the last rise a little more time and baked a little longer.

Specs on this one:

  • Total flour weight: 626g (about 10% Rye)
  • Flour to starter ratio: 4.82 (starter was not so young, fairly acidic)
  • Flour to water ratio: 1.08
  • Raisins: 138g
  • Salt: 20g
  • Total Rise: ~18 hours
  • Bake: 450° F 30 minute covered + 20 minutes uncovered (cast iron dutch oven)


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