The truth about bread

It’s really good when you make it yourself, from wild yeasts, and let it go for 24 hours of slow fermentation. It feels different, tastes, different, is different.

2014-11-28 11.18.14

And I love lots of raisins in it.

I got the chance to talk for awhile with the master baker at Hungry Ghost Bread in Northampton, MA, where they make some of the best breads I’ve had in recent years. He railed on the gluten-mania dominating discussion of bread these days and insisted that the problem is with the industrial yeast used to speed bread manufacture, and other additives. Slow-rising natural yeasts consume the gluten and break it down, he said.

I don’t know if any of my gluten-free friends would be willing to test this out with my bread, though.


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