…but I’m not *that* good (or, the problem with Fitbit)

I may have climbed 5 or 10 flights of stairs today, but I didn’t climb 100.

So it’s damaging to my confidence in Fitbit that it sent me one of these emails:



Funny thing is that starting a few days ago it began crediting me with a lot of stair climbing. First it was 22, then 34, then 56 flights of stairs. Over 100 today.

After wearing it for a few weeks as an experiment I’m ready to say that:

  • It’s a beautifully designed little object
  • It’s informed me of just how much walking I do in a day (at least I think the walking is accurate…)
  • It’s kind of a drag to have to remember to put it on and take it off
  • They don’t let you just download your data as a file, which is outrageous and revealing
  • After just a few weeks I’m pretty much done with it and would not recommend it to others for any reason other than the brief fun of initially measuring your activity in a day and seeing how the feedback of information affects you

I have a lot more to say on the quantified self wave, particularly as I’m working with it in the context of healthcare, but for now I am reminded of how hard it is to be accurate in modeling the real world.

Anyone want to buy a used Fitbit?



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