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Going Paper

Get this: – I stopped using Outlook awhile back so I have no calendar – I tried Mozilla Calendar but it’s not stable/ready yet – I don’t want to buy and carry an appointments book – My Palm is buried … Continue reading

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Resin on Gentoo

I’m a huge fan of Resin, the superb Java servlet container from Caucho. But getting it to run as an Apache module under Gentoo Linux required a bit of sleuthing.

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I’m a little worried that my interest in Gentoo means it’s starting to achieve a kind of stylish notoriety that presages loss of original quality, but these folks are so dang hardcore that seems unlikely. Especially given what you have … Continue reading

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The model of a modern Office suite

I just pulled down and installed OpenOffice 1.1 this morning. And it is very impressive. Check out this list of features. More importantly, it just works. And the import of Office documents seems to be excellent so far.

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