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Office/Outlook 2000 Clipboard Annoyance

The idea of multiple copy/paste buffers is very appealing, but in practice the Office 2000 implementation is frustrating and I wanted a way to turn it off. This requires registry editing, so normal disclaimers apply.

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Today started out like any other day, except that this one had too many OutOfMemoryErrors in a production application server log. Time for a profiler…

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Rocket to Italy

Tonight I knew it was time to deal with the arugula, and find a new variation of pasta to make. After a quick call to my dad for invaluable advice (and encouragement), I gathered a pretty classic assortment of ingredients … Continue reading

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I’ve been thinking about how to share what I learn each day and the ideas that move me. After thinking for too long without doing, a good friend convinced me that it was time to just start writing. So here … Continue reading

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